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    Merge branch 'drm-intel-next' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~danvet/drm-intel into drm-core-next · effbc4fd
    Dave Airlie authored
    Daniel Vetter wrote
    First pull request for 3.5-next, slightly large than usual because new
    things kept coming in since the last pull for 3.4.
    - first batch of hw enablement for vlv (Jesse et al) and hsw (Eugeni). pci
     ids are not yet added, and there's still quite a few patches to merge
     (mostly modesetting). To make QA easier I've decided to merge this stuff
     in pieces.
    - loads of cleanups and prep patches spurred by the above. Especially vlv
     is a real frankenstein chip, but also hsw is stretching our driver's
     code design. Expect more to come in this area for 3.5.
    - more gmbus fixes, cleanups and improvements by Daniel Kurtz. Again,
     there are more patches needed (and some already queued up), but I wanted
     to split this a bit for better testing.
    - pwrite/pread rework and retuning. This series has been in the works for
     a few months already and a lot of i-g-t tests have been created for it.
     Now it's finally ready to be merged.  Note that one patch in this series
     touches include/pagemap.h, that patch is acked-by akpm.
    - reduce mappable pressure and relocation throughput improvements from
    - mmap offset exhaustion mitigation by Chris Wilson.
    - a start at figuring out which codepaths in our messy dri1/ums+gem/kms
     driver we actually need to support by bailing out of unsupported case.
     The driver now refuses to load without kms on gen6+ and disallows a few
     ioctls that userspace never used in certain cases. More of this will
     definitely come.
    - More decoupling of global gtt and ppgtt.
    - Improved dual-link lvds detection by Takashi Iwai.
    - Shut up the compiler + plus fix the fallout (Ben)
    - Inverted panel brightness handling (mostly Acer manages to break things
     in this way).
    - Small fixlets and adjustements and some minor things to help debugging.
    Regression-wise QA reported quite a few issues on ivb, but all of them
    turned out to be hw stability issues which are already fixed in
    drm-intel-fixes (QA runs the nightly regression tests on -next alone,
    without -fixes automatically merged in). There's still one issue open on
    snb, it looks like occlusion query writes are not quite as cache coherent
    as we've expected. With some of the pwrite adjustements we can now
    reliably hit this. Kernel workaround for it is in the works."
    * 'drm-intel-next' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~danvet/drm-intel: (101 commits)
      drm/i915: VCS is not the last ring
      drm/i915: Add a dual link lvds quirk for MacBook Pro 8,2
      drm/i915: make quirks more verbose
      drm/i915: dump the DMA fetch addr register on pre-gen6
      drm/i915/sdvo: Include YRPB as an additional TV output type
      drm/i915: disallow gem init ioctl on ilk
      drm/i915: refuse to load on gen6+ without kms
      drm/i915: extract gt interrupt handler
      drm/i915: use render gen to switch ring irq functions
      drm/i915: rip out old HWSTAM missed irq WA for vlv
      drm/i915: open code gen6+ ring irqs
      drm/i915: ring irq cleanups
      drm/i915: add SFUSE_STRAP registers for digital port detection
      drm/i915: add WM_LINETIME registers
      drm/i915: add WRPLL clocks
      drm/i915: add LCPLL control registers
      drm/i915: add SSC offsets for SBI access
      drm/i915: add port clock selection support for HSW
      drm/i915: add S PLL control
      drm/i915: add PIXCLK_GATE register
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